And I am Still Pregnant

I went to the doc last Thursday at 37 weeks and 6 days and was told I was 4 cm and 90% effaced. They said I should have a baby anytime now. Well I am still pregnant and its now Monday night! My mother in law is coming into town tomorrow which will be a relief from every day wondering when I will go into labor and who I will take Gavin to depending on how quick things start moving. So I just have to make it until tomorrow at 4pm before that stress is gone. We are excited to meet our new baby girl. Everything is about as ready as its going to be and we are just trying to tie lose ends.

We are going to try to make Gavin feel as normal as possible and make him feel like his role as a big brother is very important, which it is. I hope he takes it all okay, and I think he will because he is a very sweet and loving boy.


Ultrasound results today and 37 weeks Friday!

I had an ultrasound today since I have not had one for about 1 month. Indie is 6 lbs and 8 oz now and the mass looks smaller! Not much smaller but not bigger either. It measured 2.7cm x 2.9cm which is smaller than what it it was by a little. They found the mass near hear kidney when she was 2 lbs and at that time it was 3 cm and it is smaller now than it was then.... so thats positive news. They still don't know what it is, so after she is born she will go to Vanderbilt for testing at 4 weeks old.

She seems healthy and happy because she is practice breathing and they said that diaphramatic movement she is making indicates a thriving baby in utero. So that is another piece of good information that makes mom and dad happy.

As for me I am getting big and round and readyfor baby to come out! I am doing really well, just the general aches and pains that come with a big ole' belly.

We are getting excited that the end is nearing and we will soon meet our sweet baby girl. Her room is ready and Gavin is very ready to help out and be a big brother. I have no doubt he will be a great big brother, he is very sweet and loving and doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He has never hit anyone and won't even kill a spider. Hopefully he'll kill spiders for Indie as they grow up together :)

Thats all for now,



Results of MRI

Today I had a doctor appt at Vanderbilt to find out the results from the MRI. Dr. Peitch, the head pediatric surgeon explained what he thought it could be. He didnt have any real diagnosis yet, as there is no way to tell from ultrasounds and MRI's what something really is, just speculation and things to rule out. Well radiology said in their MRI report that it was a Sequestration. If you google that you'll see that is a piece of displaced lung tissue. That would also include a form of blood supply going to it, and this they did not see. Dr. Peitch seems not to agree with this diagnosis and feels it could be a sequestration but also could be an adrenal hemmerage or an adrenal tumor. Andrenal Hemmerage would be something that just occured while she was very small and is no longer active. This would require no surgery and no further treatments other than watching it. If it is an adrenal tumor, then they would have to remove it and depending on whether or not it was malignant, determine other follow up courses of action. If its a sequestration, they would have to do surgery at our convenience, to remove it just because it could get an infection later on in life, because its a piece of tissue.

So there are still no real answers, but a few things were ruled out. Its not Wilm's Tumor, as that would be a kidney mass, and they have determined it is not on the kidney. The kidney is functional and normal, this mass is above it either pushing on the adrenal gland or part of the adrenal gland.

They did another ultrasound to compare to the others and determined the mass did not grow. It is still the same size and shape with no new characteristics. This is a good thing. So as of now, the opinion of the doctors at Vanderbilt are to have the baby as normal, wait 1 month before we bring her in for testing. At that point they will do an ultrasound on her and then determine if they should do a CT scan or an MRI. They are hoping over time to be able to see how this mass changes. They also want to do urine tests to see if the hormone levels are higher than normal. If they are, that indicates a tumor on the adrenal gland, because adrenal glands produce your hormones. If she has to have surgery, they want to wait until she is 5 months or so to do it unless they determine it needs to come out earlier based on growth or unforseen problems that at this point he doesn't see (but doesnt know for sure since the mass is still unknown).

So thats the update we have.... I guess its not bad news, at least I get to have a normal delivery and have a normal first month with my baby!


MRI was Thursday - no news yet

We had our MRI on Thursday at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I sat in a tube for 2 hours straight with my arms above my head and I couldnt move ( I couldnt even if I wanted to, I was in a very small pediatric tube). It was no fun at all. After that they just said "thanks, we'll have a full report in 48 hours". So I will know next week. My appointment with the doctors is on Wednesday so I expect to have a little more information by Wednesday. The most I will probably find out is 1. a better idea of the location of the tumor 2. estimated time of possible surgery (when she is first born vs. a few months old) 3. where I should deliver 4. how I should deliver (C-sec or vaginal) 5. what hospital (vanderbilt or williamson county). These are the main questions that will help us all feel like we can plan a little better for the birth and aftercare.

Thanks for everyone's love and support. I am grateful to have so many friends and family that love us so much and keep us in your thoughts and prayers:)


News with Indie, Pregnancy and so on.

So I am just getting around to posting and update. Sorry for the delay and I know many family and friends are eager to know exactly what is going on, and so am I.

The doctor called me in mid August and told me Indie had some type of mass on or near her left kidney. This is a call you never want to get and I was completely heart broken and devistated. I spent a few days crying and not understanding and then started to demand more answers. I dont even want to get into the emotional details, I think anyone could imagine and understand the feelings that would come with this news. I had another ultrasound scheduled with a Perinatologist to over this with me. I went in, they did the ultrasound and then he pointed to the big white circle that was as bright as bone in her belly and told me this was not suppose to be here. They were unsure of what it was, but he thought possibly a wilms tumor which is very rare (500 cases a year). This was just a guess.

I made an appt with Vanderbilt Children's Hospital next to get another opinion. 2 weeks later, got in with them. They basically told me the same thing, they were unsure what it was and wouldn't give me any real answers. They said it could be adrenal, could be renal or could just be near there. This means it could be on the kidney or the adrenal gland or something else. They do know it has no blood supply of its own and it hasn't really grown much since it was first discovered (3cm). I think it has grown a little but its all at the discression of the ultrasound tech who is measuring a blurry ultrasound picture. I think she said 3.22 cm after the last ultrasound.
They scheduled me for a Maternal Fetal MRI at Vanderbilt this coming Thursday at 1pm. They hope to at least get better depth perception and a better view of what its attached to and when they should take it out.

As far as Indie's health, everything else looks perfect, her head, lungs, heart, bowels, liver etc, they all look great and her growing is 60th percentile. As far as my health, no gestational diabestes or high blood pressure or water retention and no other problems.

They want me to deliver her at Vanderbilt to play it safe. They are willing to induce at 39 weeks to help with scheduling. They have no answers at this time in terms of should I get a c-section, when would Indie have to have surgery to remove this mass, is it cancer or not, is it lung tissue that is just displaced or something more serious... no answers.

We hope to have more answers the following Wednesday after the MRI.

We are praying for the best but preparing for the worst, just to be safe. We are keeping positive and trying not to worry as much as we can. We want to focus our time and attention on what can be done rather than what has already happened. Keep us in your thoughts.



Update - 2 months later! lol

So new news in the last 2 months:

Baby girl! Name is going to be Indie Lynn Holland but not sure on how to spell Lyn Lin Lynn yet.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and getting huge. I feel moody and emotional but pretty good overall. I have had 4 ultrasounds so far and will get another in 4 weeks. They told me the bowels are echogenic right now which means they are bright white on ultrasound. It is 99% nothing, they just want to run some tests to be positive. All tests came back negative so far so everything looks really good. She is currently 1 lb 3 oz and has a strong heart beat of 158bpm. She is very active and kicking me a lot this week. Gavin loves to feel her kick and he loves to talk to her.
I painted and fixed up her room and I love it.

I am trying to get organized and orderly before she gets here and its much different trying to do this with a 2 year old in tow! Much harder than last time!

Pictures Below:


13 weeks pregnant

Happy Mother's Day!

13 weeks


11 Week Belly

I am a few weeks behind. I still need to take and post my 12 week belly as I will be 13 weeks on Friday. Here is 11 week belly.


Baby #2 is on the way - 10 weeks pregnant

Gavin is going to be a proud big brother. I will start to document my belly as I did last time. I am not as thrilled about it growing this time. It is already much bigger than before, which I heard is normal after the first one.

Belly Pic and a Gavin Pic.

10 weeks, 3 days. I look like I did at 14 weeks last pregnancy. This was also right after eating dinner.


Gavin's first road trip - 1900 miles

Gavin took his first road trip last week from Texas to Memphis, TN and then up to Bloomington, IN. We was much better than I anticipated. Luckily we bought a DVD player for the trip and had him watch baby einstein learning videos to occupy his time. This probably saved us from self distruction. We visited Grandpa Scott in Memphis and then went to meet Gavin's cousin Lotte. This was their first encounter and they did pretty well. They had a few episodes of crying, but were very curious about eachother.

Part of our intention was to visit Fishers, Indiana, a potential location to live. We want Gavin to have some of the same outdoor living values we have and its hard to get that in Texas because there are so many fire ants, its so hot for so many months and then basically goes right into being cold all winter. The midwest is familiar to me and Ian would get to be in an area which was more woodsy. Also we would be close to Kris, Tiffany and Lotte and which would be nice.

We are currently looking into our options for selling our home. We are not sure if we have any equity at all because of the market, time lived in the house (almost 2 years), and time we want to wait for an offer. If we are able to sell we will probably sell as soon as we can and then figure out from there what to do. Either find a house quickly in Indiana without being there, or rent an apt for a few months and find something. We could also put a bid on a house with a contigency that we will sell our home.

Anyways I just wanted to give that update. I will be sad to leave all my friends I have made here, but I think we need to do what is best for Gavin and be within driving distance of the family, especially with plane ticket costs.


Gavin is born!

Story of the labor and delivery:

We went to the hospital to be induced on Feb 4th at 10pm. By 12:30am they started the pitocin. By 8:30am nothing had happened. I had been having small contractions all night, but nothing significant. My OB came in and broke my water sometime around 10am. I started having severe contractions right after my water was broken. They were very intense due to the fact that I had lots of pitocin built up all night as well as my own hormones which now came into action after my water was broken. I finally got an epidural and I was already 9cm dilated. I went from 3cm to 9cm in one hour! Gavin was born at 12:07pm Feb 5th weighing 7 lbs and 5 oz, he was 21 inches long.

When Gavin was one week old we had a large flood of water in our house due to a plumbing problem caused by the city. We had water all over our house. My family was in Texas visiting us and helped with the cleaning and damage control. We have been staying in a hotel while the cleaning company decontaminated and dehumidified our home. We are now waiting on insurance adjustment so we can get new floors in our house and start to enjoy our life with our new family member in our own house! We are trying to make the best of it.


40 weeks


Recap of weeks 4-38

Starting Week 39

I am officially really sick of being pregnant.


Starting Week 38 - any day now

I am finally full term and Gavin can technically be born at any time. The average week a healthy baby is born is between 37-42. I definitley won't go over my due date because I have the option to induce if I get to that point (which I hope I don't have to wait that long). We are getting the house ready for visitors so we dont have to do a lot of cleaning after Gavin is born. I made Ian a honeydo list! We have been walking daily and I have been going to the gym between 2-3 times a week to do weights and eliptical for the entire 9 months. Recently more people come up to me and request I don't have the baby at the gym... Here is my picture this week. I am huge...


Starting Week 37 - 9 months!

So this is what 9 months looks like? I am big and can only escape the stretch marked belly for so long... I am hoping to keep my belly at bay theses last few weeks... Full term is 37 weeks, so at the end of this week I am considered full-term. If Gavin were to be born now though, he would be fine, they would just watch him to make sure he had no problems.

I have been having braxton hicks contractions for 2 days now... they are very frequent. They haven't seem to be getting worse so I haven't seriously started to time them at this point.

The doctor told me last week that they will start checking for dilation this week. I am excited to know if I am getting anywhere with that... She also told me she is giving me the option to be induced the week of January 22nd IF I am dilating well, due to her being absent the week before and of my due date... Everything is coming to an end here, but I feel like it is taking forever! I am so ready to have this baby!


Starting Week 36 -- Almost there!

I had a Texas baby shower today hosted by my friend Lauren. It was nice... we had fun. It was 72 degrees out today or maybe even warmer, it was beautiful out! Ian went golfing. Here is my 35 week picture! I am now in week 36... I go to the doctors every week now and they start checking for dilation soon.


Starting Week 35

So I am 34 weeks pregnant, now starting week 35... This means I am 8 and a half months pregnant... Wow time goes by fast. I am anxious about getting to meet Gavin and being normal sized again but I am also trying to embrace each pregnant day because I know I will miss some aspects about being pregnant... like feeling the baby kick, finding out the sex, Ian and I talking to my belly, learning all the cool stuff about each week and how he is growing inside me... all of these experiences are life changing and very memorable.


I think this is the exact position Gavin is in... I feel pushing at the top of my uterus and I think that is the result if his feet and I feel a lighter poking and pushing motion down by my lower belly area. I also have a strange sensation sometimes which feels like he is moving his head.


Starting Week 34

I am getting uncomfortable in this giant pregnant body... here are my pictures for this week.


Starting Week 33 -- DONE WITH 8 MONTHS

This is my week 32 picture... I can't believe I am 8 months already. We took our child birth classes yesterday and today, totaling about 12 hours. It was good I thought. We learned many techniques for massage (for Ian to do!) and all the stages of labor and what to expect... we even learned the breathing... HEE HEE HUUU



Starting Week 32

I am getting big and uncomfortable... I am so ready for Gavin to come... but I want him to be big and healthy, so I am happy to wait until he is good and ready! As you can see I am getting very big.


Starting Week 31

Here is my week 30 picture, starting week 31 now... I am starting to feel really tired and its hard to do much walking around... We did a hospital tour today to tour the materity area and it was very informative. Now the last few odds and ends need to be completed and I'll be ready to go!

-finish packing hospital bag

-get pediatrician that will work with me on my own immunization wishes

-get remaining things that are necessary for Gavin's room

-talk to the OB about all of my birth plan objectives


Starting Week 30 -- crazy!

We went out for our 1st anniversary tonight to Edihana Sushi, one of our favorite spots. We also bought our first christmas tree and put it up in the house. I feel so domestic now... pregnant, putting up a christmas tree, celebrating our marriage... I love my life and feel blessed every day!


We went to the doctor today after recieving another ultrasound to check up on his kidney's. The kidney's look okay however they said he is bigger than normal. He weighs 3lbs already and that is what he should weigh at the end of week 30. I guess this means he is 2 weeks ahead of schedule for growing. I will either have him earlier than expected OR have a very large baby... Good to know he is healthy and doing well. I had a gestational diabetes test yesterday and will know the results of this within a few days.

We have been buying all the baby gear we had not received yet from the showers. Shopping for baby is so much fun, especially your own and ESPECIALLY your first!

Starting Week 29


Starting Week 28

This week was good. Besides feeling and looking like a beached whale, I am feeling pretty good. I have been having pain in my lower right side but I have read it is from the ligaments trying to hold up a pumpkin size uterus... so I bought a belly bra basically... we'll see if that helps when I exercise. I can't believe I am starting 7 months. It is crazy how fast time actually went by.

I have no idea how much weight I have now gained but I am scared to get on a scale and see. I am guessing close to 20lbs but it feels like 100lbs... Gavin will be one healthy boy!


Starting Week 27

At home in NY... baby shower day!

Starting Week 26

Starting week 26... posting this late.


Starting Week 26

I did not post my weekly picture last week. I want to, but I am so busy and so tired this week with meetings from 7:30am - 10:30pm, that I can't find any time at all to post. I will do it probably Friday night if possible...