Starting week 13

Well I just ended week 12 so I am starting up the 13th week of pregnancy. Wow time went by faster than I thought it would. I am over the morning sickness part and just dealing with the usual intestinal track issues... always fun. I am starting to get really hungry, its kind of scary. Its weird to step on a scale knowing you have to gain weight, it still sucks seeing that number go up, its not something I am accustomed to being content with... I am still working on being okay with gaining weight. As long as Ian still thinks I am look good even if I am a blob, then I guess I can deal with it... Anyways the baby bump is definitley showing and its getting exciting to see it grow. I am starting to lather the lotion more often.


Week 11 Belly Shot

This week was not to bad. I was tired and not that hungry but had enough energy to go to the gym 3 times and play softball on Thursday. I can't play softball much longer. I am starting to get a bigger belly and stretching to get balls that are high in the air, strains my abs. I am getting nervous of collisions also. We are going to Tennessee to visit tomorrow, so I hope I'm not sick this weekend. I took a belly pic after softball just for fun...


Pre-Pregnancy Belly

As my waist expands, I wanted to put up two fairly recent pictures of me before I was pregnant. I dont have a lot of belly shots when I wasn't pregnant... I am hoping that within 3 months after the baby is born I can resemble this again... wishful thinking?


Starting Week 11

Well today I started to feel really sick. I threw up a few times and then started to eat saltine crackers with the hopes that they will make me feel better. Ian is at a gun class so he can conceal and carry around Texas. He is really excited to be a dad and tells me every day. He is doing most of the chores around the house and doesn't complain at all. He tells me to rest all the time because he just wants me to incubate lol. Its picture day because its the start of a new week so later today I have to take a picture, the battery is dead right now. I hope my headache and disgustingness goes away. Maybe when I go over to hang out with Marianne I'll stop feeling so sick. I hate feeling sick. I thought I was done with this sick thing...


Starting Week 10

I am starting to feel better! Well yesterday and today I have felt better than I have been feeling in the past few weeks... That is promising that there IS light at the end of the tunnel... The 4th of July we just ate in our backyard by our selves and celebrated our first Independence Day pregnant and last independence day without children!


Sonogram Today

We had our first Sonogram today. Its official now that we saw a small bean on the monitor, I guess I really am pregnant. It is pretty neat to see that little blob floating around in there... This is what a baby looks like at roughly 8-9 weeks... Although our black and white sonogram looks nothing like this, this gives a good idea of what you should be visualizing when you see that white blob in the ultrasound.