My Potato in week 17

I took a picture today of my large baking potato size baby lump under my skin when I lay down flat on the carpet. Its strange because its not always there... My stomach can be totally flat some times and others the baby swims into a position where you can see it right under the skin... so weird!! For all the people that have not had a baby yet, I am sure you may never have seen this... Its a little freaky, but pretty cool!!


Starting week 17

Well this week was much better for me in terms of hunger and sickness... I felt good... I was more needy emotionally and have to have lots of love and affection or I just cry though... anyways here is my pic for this week... end of week 16, starting week 17-


Starting Week 16

I am feeling better as the days go by. We went to Fossil Rim today and went through the safari feeding the animals from the car. It was a lot of fun and Ian enjoyed all the deer with big antlers and the giraffes. I felt really tired and had a bad headache on the way home and tried to take a nap when I finally got home. I feel better now though... Here is this weeks pic. This was taken end of week 15, starting into week 16. This is refered to as "being in the 16th week" even when you aren't done with the week yet, its kind of the same way you refer to school weeks... which week you are in currently. Just an FYI because it use to confuse me.



So I just have to say how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful husband. He has been so supportive, helpful and loving through this so far and has made my life so happy. We were just home for 2 weeks to see the family and he is also such a wonderful brother and son to his family... I am very grateful and happy to know our children will have him as their father.

In Week 15

well this site never fixed its distortion of the pictures issues so I uploaded them all to webshots and will continue to do so. I took my picture today to represent the end of week 14 which was 3 days ago... so really its more like in week 15. I think my belly is much bigger this week. I weighed myself after getting home from NY and I did not gain any weight yet. Hm.. I feel like I am rubbing my thighs together already lol... anyways, I will post this weeks pic now. I hope my intestinal track starts to feel better soon. I need some Dannon Activia yogurt and my husband to come home from Philly.


This Blog Site Sucks

So the last few weeks all the pictures I upload get all distorted. I emailed the support people but obviously they have not fixed the problem yet. Its getting to the point where I am wasting a lot of time playing with my pictures to try to make them less distorted. I am just thinking about changing to a more reliable blog site until Google can get their shit together.

Oh and BTW here are the pictures which hopefully will not be distorted from week 13.