Starting Week 30 -- crazy!

We went out for our 1st anniversary tonight to Edihana Sushi, one of our favorite spots. We also bought our first christmas tree and put it up in the house. I feel so domestic now... pregnant, putting up a christmas tree, celebrating our marriage... I love my life and feel blessed every day!


We went to the doctor today after recieving another ultrasound to check up on his kidney's. The kidney's look okay however they said he is bigger than normal. He weighs 3lbs already and that is what he should weigh at the end of week 30. I guess this means he is 2 weeks ahead of schedule for growing. I will either have him earlier than expected OR have a very large baby... Good to know he is healthy and doing well. I had a gestational diabetes test yesterday and will know the results of this within a few days.

We have been buying all the baby gear we had not received yet from the showers. Shopping for baby is so much fun, especially your own and ESPECIALLY your first!

Starting Week 29


Starting Week 28

This week was good. Besides feeling and looking like a beached whale, I am feeling pretty good. I have been having pain in my lower right side but I have read it is from the ligaments trying to hold up a pumpkin size uterus... so I bought a belly bra basically... we'll see if that helps when I exercise. I can't believe I am starting 7 months. It is crazy how fast time actually went by.

I have no idea how much weight I have now gained but I am scared to get on a scale and see. I am guessing close to 20lbs but it feels like 100lbs... Gavin will be one healthy boy!


Starting Week 27

At home in NY... baby shower day!

Starting Week 26

Starting week 26... posting this late.