Starting Week 26

I did not post my weekly picture last week. I want to, but I am so busy and so tired this week with meetings from 7:30am - 10:30pm, that I can't find any time at all to post. I will do it probably Friday night if possible...


Starting Week 25 (Starting 7 Months)

I am still feeling pretty good... frustrated with my house being dirty, my homework taking to long, my body getting bigger, my exercising not being enough, traveling to much and having a lot to do at work... so all things considered, I have not went crazy yet and I guess that means I am doing well :) travel and school will be done by end of November... so I can see the light!!

I have gained 15lbs so far... I guess that is good for Gavin, but if I keep gaining at this rate I will be HUGE once 40 weeks rolls around...


Starting Week 24

This week we are still in California and we just visited Yosemite National Park. It was beautiful. I look my weekly picture in the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in. Here is the picture.... I feel like I am getting huge... I have not weighed myself the last 2 weeks but I am sure it will be scary when I do.


Starting Week 23

This week we are taking a roadtrip from Santa Ana (orange County) California, to San Francisco, which is a total of about 350 miles up the coastline. We are half way today in Santa Maria. I had to take my Saturday picture at the Holiday Inn. I am feeling good this week. We walked around Santa Barbara today and it was the most beautiful place out of all the places we have seen so far this week. Here is my picture for this week...