Starting Week 35

So I am 34 weeks pregnant, now starting week 35... This means I am 8 and a half months pregnant... Wow time goes by fast. I am anxious about getting to meet Gavin and being normal sized again but I am also trying to embrace each pregnant day because I know I will miss some aspects about being pregnant... like feeling the baby kick, finding out the sex, Ian and I talking to my belly, learning all the cool stuff about each week and how he is growing inside me... all of these experiences are life changing and very memorable.


I think this is the exact position Gavin is in... I feel pushing at the top of my uterus and I think that is the result if his feet and I feel a lighter poking and pushing motion down by my lower belly area. I also have a strange sensation sometimes which feels like he is moving his head.


Starting Week 34

I am getting uncomfortable in this giant pregnant body... here are my pictures for this week.


Starting Week 33 -- DONE WITH 8 MONTHS

This is my week 32 picture... I can't believe I am 8 months already. We took our child birth classes yesterday and today, totaling about 12 hours. It was good I thought. We learned many techniques for massage (for Ian to do!) and all the stages of labor and what to expect... we even learned the breathing... HEE HEE HUUU



Starting Week 32

I am getting big and uncomfortable... I am so ready for Gavin to come... but I want him to be big and healthy, so I am happy to wait until he is good and ready! As you can see I am getting very big.


Starting Week 31

Here is my week 30 picture, starting week 31 now... I am starting to feel really tired and its hard to do much walking around... We did a hospital tour today to tour the materity area and it was very informative. Now the last few odds and ends need to be completed and I'll be ready to go!

-finish packing hospital bag

-get pediatrician that will work with me on my own immunization wishes

-get remaining things that are necessary for Gavin's room

-talk to the OB about all of my birth plan objectives