Starting Week 35

So I am 34 weeks pregnant, now starting week 35... This means I am 8 and a half months pregnant... Wow time goes by fast. I am anxious about getting to meet Gavin and being normal sized again but I am also trying to embrace each pregnant day because I know I will miss some aspects about being pregnant... like feeling the baby kick, finding out the sex, Ian and I talking to my belly, learning all the cool stuff about each week and how he is growing inside me... all of these experiences are life changing and very memorable.


I think this is the exact position Gavin is in... I feel pushing at the top of my uterus and I think that is the result if his feet and I feel a lighter poking and pushing motion down by my lower belly area. I also have a strange sensation sometimes which feels like he is moving his head.


Starting Week 34

I am getting uncomfortable in this giant pregnant body... here are my pictures for this week.


Starting Week 33 -- DONE WITH 8 MONTHS

This is my week 32 picture... I can't believe I am 8 months already. We took our child birth classes yesterday and today, totaling about 12 hours. It was good I thought. We learned many techniques for massage (for Ian to do!) and all the stages of labor and what to expect... we even learned the breathing... HEE HEE HUUU



Starting Week 32

I am getting big and uncomfortable... I am so ready for Gavin to come... but I want him to be big and healthy, so I am happy to wait until he is good and ready! As you can see I am getting very big.


Starting Week 31

Here is my week 30 picture, starting week 31 now... I am starting to feel really tired and its hard to do much walking around... We did a hospital tour today to tour the materity area and it was very informative. Now the last few odds and ends need to be completed and I'll be ready to go!

-finish packing hospital bag

-get pediatrician that will work with me on my own immunization wishes

-get remaining things that are necessary for Gavin's room

-talk to the OB about all of my birth plan objectives


Starting Week 30 -- crazy!

We went out for our 1st anniversary tonight to Edihana Sushi, one of our favorite spots. We also bought our first christmas tree and put it up in the house. I feel so domestic now... pregnant, putting up a christmas tree, celebrating our marriage... I love my life and feel blessed every day!


We went to the doctor today after recieving another ultrasound to check up on his kidney's. The kidney's look okay however they said he is bigger than normal. He weighs 3lbs already and that is what he should weigh at the end of week 30. I guess this means he is 2 weeks ahead of schedule for growing. I will either have him earlier than expected OR have a very large baby... Good to know he is healthy and doing well. I had a gestational diabetes test yesterday and will know the results of this within a few days.

We have been buying all the baby gear we had not received yet from the showers. Shopping for baby is so much fun, especially your own and ESPECIALLY your first!

Starting Week 29


Starting Week 28

This week was good. Besides feeling and looking like a beached whale, I am feeling pretty good. I have been having pain in my lower right side but I have read it is from the ligaments trying to hold up a pumpkin size uterus... so I bought a belly bra basically... we'll see if that helps when I exercise. I can't believe I am starting 7 months. It is crazy how fast time actually went by.

I have no idea how much weight I have now gained but I am scared to get on a scale and see. I am guessing close to 20lbs but it feels like 100lbs... Gavin will be one healthy boy!


Starting Week 27

At home in NY... baby shower day!

Starting Week 26

Starting week 26... posting this late.


Starting Week 26

I did not post my weekly picture last week. I want to, but I am so busy and so tired this week with meetings from 7:30am - 10:30pm, that I can't find any time at all to post. I will do it probably Friday night if possible...


Starting Week 25 (Starting 7 Months)

I am still feeling pretty good... frustrated with my house being dirty, my homework taking to long, my body getting bigger, my exercising not being enough, traveling to much and having a lot to do at work... so all things considered, I have not went crazy yet and I guess that means I am doing well :) travel and school will be done by end of November... so I can see the light!!

I have gained 15lbs so far... I guess that is good for Gavin, but if I keep gaining at this rate I will be HUGE once 40 weeks rolls around...


Starting Week 24

This week we are still in California and we just visited Yosemite National Park. It was beautiful. I look my weekly picture in the Bed and Breakfast we stayed in. Here is the picture.... I feel like I am getting huge... I have not weighed myself the last 2 weeks but I am sure it will be scary when I do.


Starting Week 23

This week we are taking a roadtrip from Santa Ana (orange County) California, to San Francisco, which is a total of about 350 miles up the coastline. We are half way today in Santa Maria. I had to take my Saturday picture at the Holiday Inn. I am feeling good this week. We walked around Santa Barbara today and it was the most beautiful place out of all the places we have seen so far this week. Here is my picture for this week...


Starting week 22

Today I am starting week 22. We had our 2nd ultrasound on Wednesday and it was such an awesome experience. We have been counting down the days to find out if our baby is a boy or girl and we finally got our answer. It's a boy! We were so excited to know and to be able to start buying gear that is gender specific. We already know his name is Gavin Ian. We went shopping for baby clothes day and we know people will buy us clothes so we just got a few things. We went to a second hand baby store that is really nice and had lots of nice stuff for Gavin. Anyways here is todays pic.


Starting Week 21 - HALF WAY!!

So 20 weeks completely finished... time flies... I went swimming today wearing my same old bathing suit. I am glad it has tie strings on the bottoms. I am definitley showing now...


20 week medical drawing

Starting week 20

I am starting week 20 today. We went to the Grape Festival in Grapevine, TX today and it was about 90 degrees out. I found one skirt that I could sort of fit in to thanks to the spandex material... I took the pic when I got back and so I might not look all that great. I have been feeling pretty good, just a few poor spells of tiredness or sickness here and there. I can't believe I am half way at the end of this week! CRAZY... time goes by so fast.


Starting week 19

here is my picture from today. I didnt even eat much today so my stomach is smaller then the usual bloated/full belly shot I get... The fundus measurement is right under my belly button... which measures perfect for 19 weeks. I will be in New Mexico and then Bethesday MD... I hope I hold up!! Yuck I hate traveling for work.


Starting week 18

Sorry I forgot to post my newest pic from this week... I took this one in the early afternoon after I was working in the garden and it started to rain... so I dont look all that pleasant, but oh well! This was from Saturday Sept 1st which is the end of week 17, the start of week 18! Woohoo can you believe I am almost half way there? Crazy!!


My Potato in week 17

I took a picture today of my large baking potato size baby lump under my skin when I lay down flat on the carpet. Its strange because its not always there... My stomach can be totally flat some times and others the baby swims into a position where you can see it right under the skin... so weird!! For all the people that have not had a baby yet, I am sure you may never have seen this... Its a little freaky, but pretty cool!!


Starting week 17

Well this week was much better for me in terms of hunger and sickness... I felt good... I was more needy emotionally and have to have lots of love and affection or I just cry though... anyways here is my pic for this week... end of week 16, starting week 17-


Starting Week 16

I am feeling better as the days go by. We went to Fossil Rim today and went through the safari feeding the animals from the car. It was a lot of fun and Ian enjoyed all the deer with big antlers and the giraffes. I felt really tired and had a bad headache on the way home and tried to take a nap when I finally got home. I feel better now though... Here is this weeks pic. This was taken end of week 15, starting into week 16. This is refered to as "being in the 16th week" even when you aren't done with the week yet, its kind of the same way you refer to school weeks... which week you are in currently. Just an FYI because it use to confuse me.



So I just have to say how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful husband. He has been so supportive, helpful and loving through this so far and has made my life so happy. We were just home for 2 weeks to see the family and he is also such a wonderful brother and son to his family... I am very grateful and happy to know our children will have him as their father.

In Week 15

well this site never fixed its distortion of the pictures issues so I uploaded them all to webshots and will continue to do so. I took my picture today to represent the end of week 14 which was 3 days ago... so really its more like in week 15. I think my belly is much bigger this week. I weighed myself after getting home from NY and I did not gain any weight yet. Hm.. I feel like I am rubbing my thighs together already lol... anyways, I will post this weeks pic now. I hope my intestinal track starts to feel better soon. I need some Dannon Activia yogurt and my husband to come home from Philly.


This Blog Site Sucks

So the last few weeks all the pictures I upload get all distorted. I emailed the support people but obviously they have not fixed the problem yet. Its getting to the point where I am wasting a lot of time playing with my pictures to try to make them less distorted. I am just thinking about changing to a more reliable blog site until Google can get their shit together.

Oh and BTW here are the pictures which hopefully will not be distorted from week 13.


Starting week 13

Well I just ended week 12 so I am starting up the 13th week of pregnancy. Wow time went by faster than I thought it would. I am over the morning sickness part and just dealing with the usual intestinal track issues... always fun. I am starting to get really hungry, its kind of scary. Its weird to step on a scale knowing you have to gain weight, it still sucks seeing that number go up, its not something I am accustomed to being content with... I am still working on being okay with gaining weight. As long as Ian still thinks I am look good even if I am a blob, then I guess I can deal with it... Anyways the baby bump is definitley showing and its getting exciting to see it grow. I am starting to lather the lotion more often.


Week 11 Belly Shot

This week was not to bad. I was tired and not that hungry but had enough energy to go to the gym 3 times and play softball on Thursday. I can't play softball much longer. I am starting to get a bigger belly and stretching to get balls that are high in the air, strains my abs. I am getting nervous of collisions also. We are going to Tennessee to visit tomorrow, so I hope I'm not sick this weekend. I took a belly pic after softball just for fun...


Pre-Pregnancy Belly

As my waist expands, I wanted to put up two fairly recent pictures of me before I was pregnant. I dont have a lot of belly shots when I wasn't pregnant... I am hoping that within 3 months after the baby is born I can resemble this again... wishful thinking?


Starting Week 11

Well today I started to feel really sick. I threw up a few times and then started to eat saltine crackers with the hopes that they will make me feel better. Ian is at a gun class so he can conceal and carry around Texas. He is really excited to be a dad and tells me every day. He is doing most of the chores around the house and doesn't complain at all. He tells me to rest all the time because he just wants me to incubate lol. Its picture day because its the start of a new week so later today I have to take a picture, the battery is dead right now. I hope my headache and disgustingness goes away. Maybe when I go over to hang out with Marianne I'll stop feeling so sick. I hate feeling sick. I thought I was done with this sick thing...


Starting Week 10

I am starting to feel better! Well yesterday and today I have felt better than I have been feeling in the past few weeks... That is promising that there IS light at the end of the tunnel... The 4th of July we just ate in our backyard by our selves and celebrated our first Independence Day pregnant and last independence day without children!


Sonogram Today

We had our first Sonogram today. Its official now that we saw a small bean on the monitor, I guess I really am pregnant. It is pretty neat to see that little blob floating around in there... This is what a baby looks like at roughly 8-9 weeks... Although our black and white sonogram looks nothing like this, this gives a good idea of what you should be visualizing when you see that white blob in the ultrasound.


Exciting New Experience

Going Into Week 8 - I started to get really sick as of last week (week 7) and spent most of the week at a conference for work, sick constantly. I am really uncomfortable throughout my lower abdominal area and can't remember the last time I felt unfull, let alone hungry, in the last week. I hope this sickness passes soon. I thought I was in the clear with the morning sickness but it definitley hit me last week. Nevertheless, we are excited to start this journey.