Starting week 22

Today I am starting week 22. We had our 2nd ultrasound on Wednesday and it was such an awesome experience. We have been counting down the days to find out if our baby is a boy or girl and we finally got our answer. It's a boy! We were so excited to know and to be able to start buying gear that is gender specific. We already know his name is Gavin Ian. We went shopping for baby clothes day and we know people will buy us clothes so we just got a few things. We went to a second hand baby store that is really nice and had lots of nice stuff for Gavin. Anyways here is todays pic.


Starting Week 21 - HALF WAY!!

So 20 weeks completely finished... time flies... I went swimming today wearing my same old bathing suit. I am glad it has tie strings on the bottoms. I am definitley showing now...


20 week medical drawing

Starting week 20

I am starting week 20 today. We went to the Grape Festival in Grapevine, TX today and it was about 90 degrees out. I found one skirt that I could sort of fit in to thanks to the spandex material... I took the pic when I got back and so I might not look all that great. I have been feeling pretty good, just a few poor spells of tiredness or sickness here and there. I can't believe I am half way at the end of this week! CRAZY... time goes by so fast.


Starting week 19

here is my picture from today. I didnt even eat much today so my stomach is smaller then the usual bloated/full belly shot I get... The fundus measurement is right under my belly button... which measures perfect for 19 weeks. I will be in New Mexico and then Bethesday MD... I hope I hold up!! Yuck I hate traveling for work.


Starting week 18

Sorry I forgot to post my newest pic from this week... I took this one in the early afternoon after I was working in the garden and it started to rain... so I dont look all that pleasant, but oh well! This was from Saturday Sept 1st which is the end of week 17, the start of week 18! Woohoo can you believe I am almost half way there? Crazy!!