Starting Week 37 - 9 months!

So this is what 9 months looks like? I am big and can only escape the stretch marked belly for so long... I am hoping to keep my belly at bay theses last few weeks... Full term is 37 weeks, so at the end of this week I am considered full-term. If Gavin were to be born now though, he would be fine, they would just watch him to make sure he had no problems.

I have been having braxton hicks contractions for 2 days now... they are very frequent. They haven't seem to be getting worse so I haven't seriously started to time them at this point.

The doctor told me last week that they will start checking for dilation this week. I am excited to know if I am getting anywhere with that... She also told me she is giving me the option to be induced the week of January 22nd IF I am dilating well, due to her being absent the week before and of my due date... Everything is coming to an end here, but I feel like it is taking forever! I am so ready to have this baby!

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