MRI was Thursday - no news yet

We had our MRI on Thursday at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I sat in a tube for 2 hours straight with my arms above my head and I couldnt move ( I couldnt even if I wanted to, I was in a very small pediatric tube). It was no fun at all. After that they just said "thanks, we'll have a full report in 48 hours". So I will know next week. My appointment with the doctors is on Wednesday so I expect to have a little more information by Wednesday. The most I will probably find out is 1. a better idea of the location of the tumor 2. estimated time of possible surgery (when she is first born vs. a few months old) 3. where I should deliver 4. how I should deliver (C-sec or vaginal) 5. what hospital (vanderbilt or williamson county). These are the main questions that will help us all feel like we can plan a little better for the birth and aftercare.

Thanks for everyone's love and support. I am grateful to have so many friends and family that love us so much and keep us in your thoughts and prayers:)

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