News with Indie, Pregnancy and so on.

So I am just getting around to posting and update. Sorry for the delay and I know many family and friends are eager to know exactly what is going on, and so am I.

The doctor called me in mid August and told me Indie had some type of mass on or near her left kidney. This is a call you never want to get and I was completely heart broken and devistated. I spent a few days crying and not understanding and then started to demand more answers. I dont even want to get into the emotional details, I think anyone could imagine and understand the feelings that would come with this news. I had another ultrasound scheduled with a Perinatologist to over this with me. I went in, they did the ultrasound and then he pointed to the big white circle that was as bright as bone in her belly and told me this was not suppose to be here. They were unsure of what it was, but he thought possibly a wilms tumor which is very rare (500 cases a year). This was just a guess.

I made an appt with Vanderbilt Children's Hospital next to get another opinion. 2 weeks later, got in with them. They basically told me the same thing, they were unsure what it was and wouldn't give me any real answers. They said it could be adrenal, could be renal or could just be near there. This means it could be on the kidney or the adrenal gland or something else. They do know it has no blood supply of its own and it hasn't really grown much since it was first discovered (3cm). I think it has grown a little but its all at the discression of the ultrasound tech who is measuring a blurry ultrasound picture. I think she said 3.22 cm after the last ultrasound.
They scheduled me for a Maternal Fetal MRI at Vanderbilt this coming Thursday at 1pm. They hope to at least get better depth perception and a better view of what its attached to and when they should take it out.

As far as Indie's health, everything else looks perfect, her head, lungs, heart, bowels, liver etc, they all look great and her growing is 60th percentile. As far as my health, no gestational diabestes or high blood pressure or water retention and no other problems.

They want me to deliver her at Vanderbilt to play it safe. They are willing to induce at 39 weeks to help with scheduling. They have no answers at this time in terms of should I get a c-section, when would Indie have to have surgery to remove this mass, is it cancer or not, is it lung tissue that is just displaced or something more serious... no answers.

We hope to have more answers the following Wednesday after the MRI.

We are praying for the best but preparing for the worst, just to be safe. We are keeping positive and trying not to worry as much as we can. We want to focus our time and attention on what can be done rather than what has already happened. Keep us in your thoughts.



♥ Sarah ♥ said...

I know it is hard for you to talk about, but thank you so much for the update!

Your family is in our prayers!

Love you guy!

Baby A's Momma said...

Again, I am so sorry, Linds. We are all here for you no matter what. I can't wait for Indie to be here!

Love ya!!