Update - 2 months later! lol

So new news in the last 2 months:

Baby girl! Name is going to be Indie Lynn Holland but not sure on how to spell Lyn Lin Lynn yet.

I am now 22 weeks pregnant and getting huge. I feel moody and emotional but pretty good overall. I have had 4 ultrasounds so far and will get another in 4 weeks. They told me the bowels are echogenic right now which means they are bright white on ultrasound. It is 99% nothing, they just want to run some tests to be positive. All tests came back negative so far so everything looks really good. She is currently 1 lb 3 oz and has a strong heart beat of 158bpm. She is very active and kicking me a lot this week. Gavin loves to feel her kick and he loves to talk to her.
I painted and fixed up her room and I love it.

I am trying to get organized and orderly before she gets here and its much different trying to do this with a 2 year old in tow! Much harder than last time!

Pictures Below:

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Jin said...

I found your blog through Stacy's (The Life of Mrs A). I'm also due on 11/12, but this is my first.

I love the nursery! Awesome colors and patterns.